Become a Brand Enthusiast

Mumlife The Label Brand Enthusiast Search is now open.

There are so many amazing benefits of joining our Empowering Team.
1. We will be offering you the opportunity to be part of an interactive like minded supportive group of Mums, where we provide support and genuine friendship to one another. 
2. We offer you a huge 20% off discount on all purchases
3. You will be provided with a 10% off friends discount code to share with your followers. 
4. A minimum purchase of 2 t-shirts must be made within the first week of signing this agreement. Your order will be given priority so that you can get it as soon as possible and get creative .

In return we ask for;
1x CLEAR clutter free photo a week, with all writing on the t-shirt visible.
1x story a week,
Plus shares of giveaways and promotions etc and participation in fun photo competitions amongst our group.

We want to see you!! 1. Simply repost this photo on instagram with #mumlifethelabelbrandrep 
2. Tag us in three of your photos using @mumlifethelabel
3. Share this post in your stories and tag us @mumlifethelabel


Good Luck xx