Of the astronomical number of people seeking homeless services each year, approximately 48% of them are single parents, with a child or children. And of that 48% of people, approximately 91% of them are women with children, mothers just like you and me, leaving a domestic violence situation. LESS THAN HALF of those women are able to find appropriate, supportive housing. The remaining are forced to live in their cars, or couch surf with friends and family, and sadly many are forced to go back to the home the fled in the first place. Just imagine yourself in that situation...

In light of this, @sharabode and @mumlifethelabel have joined forces to raise awareness of domestic violence and family abuse on women, on mothers and their children. 20% of all profits from the sale of this collaboration t-shirt will be donated to @sharethedignityaustralia who help women and young girls in this very situation. Because having access to feminine sanitary products is the last thing that any mother or young woman should have to go without. It’s not a privilege, it’s a right.

- Kirsty McKenzie


I was in a position where I had to immediately leave with my 3 children and only a handful of bags of clothes due to Domestic Violence. Lucky I had the support of family to go to and help shelter me, feed me and my kids and help me start my life from scratch. Something as small as sanitary items, soap and even makeup can make a huge difference. Even more so a safe, comfortable place is something huge to go without as a mum with her children. A lot of women find it hard to leave due to not having the finances, resources or a safe place to go to. Not all domestic shelters are nice or even safe. This is an amazing opportunity to purchase one of these shirts and help raise awareness to Domestic Violence to help women, mothers and children who are homeless due to having to leave their own home to save their children and themselves. -Tasheena Snow


As a Mother and a Counsellor I feel a deep desire to help raise awareness of this serious issue. You could see someone walk past you and have no idea what is really going on in their lives. It is so important for us to support each other. It’s even more important for us to all stand up together and demand better adequate support for these families. It is truly disgraceful that having sanitary products or housing is even treated as being a privilege. You deserve better. You deserve to feel supported and safe and loved. - Crystal


What does this movement mean to me as a woman?

This movement demonstrates the power we have as women, mothers and humans to be the voice of support to the many women and children who are victims of domestic and family violence. You are not forgotten. You are not alone. 

- Nikki 

I would like to speak a little about the message behind this beautiful tee that Halz has wonderfully created 🥰
For those that don't know, this tee is about Domestic violence, more importantly the importance of speaking out and bringing awareness to Domestic violence. •
Alot of women who experience domestic violence arent always aware that it is domestic violence, because domestic violence isn't always just physical. It comes in many forms. Domestic violence is verbal abuse, financial abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse and even sexual abuse. •
Alot of women stay in these toxic relationships because they are scared of the unknown. They are scared that they won't be able to financially survive or emotionally cope, they are scared of being judged, fearful of not being believed, not knowing about all the resources and support that they would have and scared of how their abuser is going to react after separation. And for so many other reasons. •
These are all things I have personally experienced, but with the help of the MumLife The Label team, i haven't had to face these challenges on my own, all the women from this amazing team have been such an amazing support network, I can't thank them enough. They have made me feel welcomed and loved and encouraged to speak out when I need help or advice and to not feel ashamed when doing so. •
The most important thing for people who are victims or survivors of domestic abuse is to remember, "It's not your fault," it is NEVER your fault. Your story is your strength, speak out & stand up! Together we can end Domestic violence culture. 💪❤ - Hayley