From One Mum To Another with Halz Elliott

From One Mum To Another with Halz Elliott

1) How would you describe your journey into Motherhood?

My Mumlife journey began when I was 20! I grew up the eldest of 6,
and I think I always had this Mama Halo over my head. I always wanted to be a young mum, I had always pictured growing up with my babies,  being present with them and doing all those FUN things together. In actual fact, I thought I would be just like my Mumma and have 6 by now. But my husband says he has shut shop. I say he is no fun! The more chaos the better for me.

I don't think I took enough time to appreciate my first
pregnancy, that's one thing i do regret. I was so focused on my career
everything else just had to fit in with my schedule. I worked 16 hour days up until I was 39 weeks pregnant. 

I was that young woman who had a perfect birth plan, a detailed
recovery plan, and a plan for a quick return to work.... haha I know what a joke! I had even read all the brochures they give you at antenatal
appointments. None of that went to plan! I was induced at 39.5 weeks and had an emergency c-section 16 hours after an intensive labour. It was a traumatic experience, one I wish upon no woman! Kyle wasn't even allowed in the operating theatre with me. I do vividly remember holding my midwife's hand so bloody hard as they pulled and prodded at my insides before greeting my most precious boy. I was only able to hold him for a few minutes before they took him while I was still on the table. I signed myself out of hospital only two days after, I couldn't handle being in a room with three other Mums and their newborns. I still don't know why but it freaked me out. 

Recovery from a c-section wasn't as easy as I thought. I was
always this on the go girl, but this recovery stopped me in my tracks. I
actually had to rest. I do remember mowing the lawns on our ride-on after about three weeks though. I had been my my pjs for those few weeks and one day my Mum came and took Jye for an hour or so while I got some vitamin D. I just wanted to stay inside in my new little bubble soaking up all those beautiful

2) As a Mum what stigma do you think we need to remove around being a Mum?

I truly believe that Mums walk around with the world on their
shoulders, feeling like they need to be all and do all! Does that make sense? As soon as my feet touch the floor in the morning i am on the go, and i don't rest until i go to sleep at night. I feel like i have to be everything to everyone else, and always forget about my own needs. My Husband is the main bread winner, and i am the Mum who is at home all the time, so its up to me to have the house presentable, have the lawns done, and run around after the kids!
It can be bloody exhausting some days, and you know what even though I do all i can during the day, I still get into bed and worry if I have done enough. There is no award for being the most burnt out Mum. I have learnt though that the house work will always be there tomorrow. I really love being present with the kids, so if something can wait I try to let it. For instance the washing is always clean, but there is always washing left in a basket to fold. The kids won't remember a clean house, but they will remember the memories that we created and the moments that we shared.

3) How do you juggle business and babies?

Running two businesses i find some days are
a breeze, other days are hard AF! I put a huge amount of pressure on myself to get it all done in a day, but I am learning slowly that some days are just not going to be as productive as others. 

I literally wing it all! I know i would probably be more
productive if i has a schedule or some sort of procedure for the week, but i honestly i don't! I have never been a planner, i do things on the fly and that works for me at the moment. My kids come first, before MLTL and I can be everything i want to be for the kids, and wile I work from home I make work fit around their needs.

4) Why did you start Mumlife The Label?

I remember sitting in my friends hair
salon,  looking in the mirror thinking oh my gosh I need to make a

I lost who i was, and i was lonely! I was a Wife, and I was a
Mum of two, but that person i was before i became those two things was gone! I lived my life for them, but did nothing for me. 

I was really missing social connection, I had chosen not to join
any Mothers groups, I was so afraid of being judged for being a young Mum I just couldn't bring myself to being part of any groups, but I wanted to connect with other Mums so badly. You know have those chats about all things Mumlife..... breastfeeding experiences, horrible nappy change episodes.... the lot! I knew that i wasn't the only one who was feeling isolated and lost so I wanted to create a community where Mums could feel like they were connected and
not alone. 

I love that when I put on a t-shirt I feel like I can tackle
whatever the day throws at me and I absolutely love that smile exchange from another Mum as I walk through a super market while my kid is chucking a tantrum as he demands something.

5) What words would your children use to describe you?

Jye- Caring, The Best, Fabulous, Crazy,

Payton- Kind, Nice, Lovely,

Brock- a pain in the arsecuddly, good, fun, happy, beautiful, a good mum!

6) What is your #1 Mum Hack?

Not really a hack, but Hey Mumma.... make school lunches the
night before! Saves so much time the next morning.

7) If you had an hour of peace, what would you do?

Gin + Bath + Bubbles Baby!!

8) What is your biggest Mum Fail?

Hooley Dooley where do is start? I have this theory that they
are only fails if you cannot learn from the lesson. Motherhood is a journey and we are all learning as we go! But honestly if i could turn back time, i would create a really solid sleep routine for my kids... haha i am actually laughing out loud as I write this because isn't this what we all wish for! But i personally think my fail is not creating this routine for bedtime from day dot!
You know... bath, book, bed! AND STAY IN BED! There is no way you can have adult time because you never know when a child is going to bust right through that door. If anyone has the secret sauce- please send it to me ASAP to save my sanity.

9) What does a usual day in Mumlife look like?

Hustle.... Hustle.... Hustle!! A normal school day for me would
start with feeding the breaky minions, finding that missing shoe and trying to pair socks, dropping them all to school, ducking to the gym for a quick sweat session and then back home to get into Mumlife before i pick them all up from school, oh in-between it feels like i do a million loads of washing and vacuum a handful of times! My kids do sports most afternoons, so i become Mum Taxi
after 3pm. If i have time during the day, i like to pop some ingredients into the thermomix or slow cooker to have dinner prepared for the evening.

10) What are you currently binge watching?

I just finished watching Squid Games. It took me a little to get over the subtitles and language but it was intense from start to finish! Its definitely not for kids though!

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