About Mumlife The Label

Empowering shirts for Every Mum, reminding you of your worth, one tee at a time.

Mumlife the Label was established in January 2017 by Central Coast young mum; Haley. With two young children under the age of 5 and one on the way, Haley understood the importance of mental health awareness amongst woman after experiencing her fair share of mental health battles.

From the start, Haley had a strong passion and vision for her business and knew how important it was to make an impact on other woman in need just like herself.

With her vision in mind; Haley’s very first t-shirt design was born using just her mobile phone, and the support of a local screen printer.

Haley created a small number of slogan t-shirts and gifted them to local friends, as well as collaborating with a select few of relatable social media mummas to help create her collection and bring together her vision.  

The results were phenomenal with Mums from all over Australia contacting Haley and wanting to know where they could purchase her t-shirts. People were not only seeing #mumlife t-shirts on social media, but also in the street. 

Mumlife the Label began to grow organically via the social media platform; Instagram, with word of the relatable t-shirts, word amongst woman began to spread and the amount of t-shirt orders was doubling and then tripling before her eyes, but the adventure really began for Haley when the local screen printer was no longer able to keep up with the printing demand. Haley took a chance and purchased her own machinery, with absolutely no idea how to use it. With a steady number of orders, YouTube became Haley’s best friend.

The house hold laundry and dining room quickly became her printing room, packing station, and as the kids knew; mums office. This also meant that Haley was able to nurture her booming business all while caring and keeping up with the demands of three young children and household chores.

As the label began to grow, Haley was able to establish an online Mumlife support community; a space Mums would be able to build long life friendships with mums alike, confide without judgement through the good and bad, as well as provide a support base network for each other. 

In 2018, Haley celebrated a tremendous achievement after being approached by two reputable mums’ magazines to feature her business.

As the business continued to grow, Haley allowed herself to show more of her vulnerable side to what had become a community of woman on social media. This allowed Haley to shine light on subjects close to her heart, creating an important message around positive body image and mental health among woman.

With this, Haley designed a new ‘Mumma you got this’ slogan t-shirt, where the funds from each sale would be donated to Panda National; an organisation devoted to supporting Mums who have experienced postnatal depression or anxiety.  The label has also shown their support by donating t-shirt profits to The Pink Elephant Foundation whom provide support to woman who have experienced early infant loss.

With 2019 in full swing, Mumlife the Label is now stocked in five stores across Australia and after what seemed to be thousands of requests; now international.

Mumlife The Label continues to grow, with the business now employing two staff members from her home, to keep up with the ongoing demand. Haley prides herself on supporting the local community by raising money, donating gift packs and hosting giveaways to show her support to other mums in need.

Haley’s children watch their mum hustle through mum life and business life daily, naive to the fact that this mumma of three is not only building an empire, but creating an important message among woman worldwide, all whilst showing her babies that no matter what life throws at you; you got this!