From one Mum to Another with Sarah Kearns

From one Mum to Another with Sarah Kearns

From one Mum to Another with Sarah Kearns

Welcome to From one Mum to Another, we are super excited to kick off this real and relatable blog. We wanted to create this space where we can be real and raw as Mothers. A place where we can share the highs and lows of Mumlife together.

How would you describe your journey to Motherhood?

It was blissfully naive until it wasn’t. We got pregnant believing that all pregnancies end in a healthy baby, but for us, that wasn’t the case. Buddy was born still and we anxiously kept trying to have a baby to keep. We are so grateful that Buddy taught us so much about parenthood, love and the power of family.

As a Mum, what stigma do you think we need to remove around being a Mum?

I think we are more accepting and supporting of other Mums these days. Though we seem to really pull down those who seem to have their life together. Lets cheer for other mums. The first few years are so difficult but eventually we all work on finding ourselves again with the mum label and we deserve to soar!

How do you juggle business and babies?

With great difficulty! Lol. Its not easy, right? But its so incredible to work on your own timeline and around your family. Lots of late nights, early mornings and trying to ignore the never ending list of things to do during kid free “work time” (like the housework!). Can be so tricky when you work from home and can see the mess.

Why did you start your social media influencing?

We fell into blogging by accidentally going viral. My liver failed and I was admitted into hospital when Knox was 2 and Finn was 6 weeks old. It was really really awful to leave my babies and I was very unwell. Brad had to try and find his feet quickly, solo parenting two little kids while stressed about his wife. We started sharing our family and story and were wrapped in love. We couldn’t stop! Its so beautiful to see the love for our boys pour in. So many proud surrogate aunties out there!

What words do your children use to describe you?

I asked them! They said beautiful, fun, silly, loud, gives good cuddles and sometimes a grumpy bum.

What is your #1 Mum Hack?

Snacks. Always snacks. If snacks won’t work- then water. I find when the boys are cranky, tired, overwhelmed they are really either hungry (hangry) or in need of some kind of water- be it a drink, bath, run under the sprinkler or beach trip. Cranky baby? Just add water!

If you had an hour of peace, what would you do first? 

I love to have a coffee in the sun at a cafe with a friend (lockdown really showed me how much I miss this!) or getting my nails done! I get shellac on my natural nails and it makes me feel 'put together'.

What is your biggest Mum Fail?

Well today it was taking my son to the barber for a hair cut. He asked for a mohawk and the barber cut it in, then the tears wouldn’t stop! He wanted it styled into a mohawk but not cut. Mumfail!! I was so sad for him. 

What does your usual day in Mumlife look like?

Normal day is fit in some work, kids up and breakfast, school run, morning play outside at the beach or the park with the two little ones (run them like crazy!), then lunch, some rest time (while I try and work), school run, bike ride, more work, dinner, bath, bed, work and then some down time with hubby! The two little boys go to daycare twice a week so I work like crazy on those days between the school run.

What are you currently binging on Netflix?

YOU. Its crazy good. I love it!!

Thank you so much Sarah for being part of our From One Mum to Another Blog. You truly are a blessing, and such a beautiful role model to us Modern Mums trying to juggle the everyday hustle.

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